Nintendothon – 1 Week Away!

Can you believe it? Nintendothon, our 96 hour charity event for the benefit of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital begins in just seven days from today! We know its hard to contain the excitement (as it is for us here at the marathon team too), but we hope to keep you all hyped over the next seven days with announcements and more! Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s announcements!


Game Schedule

An inside look in the complexities of schedule-building for Nintendothon

The game schedule for Nintendothon is now being constructed! With 36+ great games being featured at the event with variable game times, as announced in our blog post two weeks ago, Nintendothon is set to have a great schedule of games played for the full four days. The full game schedule will be posted on Christmas Day, both here on our site, and in the “Schedule” section of the Tiltify site. Check it out now!



Three incentives we’ve unlocked prior to the stream thanks to your generous donations!

I’m excited to announce that incentives are here! Nintendothon will feature a great sample of incentives: some returning favorites, including Strange Soda Test and Lemon Social are sure to please long time viewers, as will the new challenges, including Improvathon, a “Whose Line is it Anyway?” style Improv show, and the Foreign Candy Taste Test, where we try strange candy from around the world. You can check out the incentives here! As well as on the Tiltify page! Don’t forget that Flash Incentives will be making a comeback this event, so look forward to even more strange incentives done on the fly. With these incentives, we hope we can encourage you to make a donation to St. Jude sometime during the campaign!



I’m excited to finally reveal the list of attendees for Nintendothon! We’ve got a whopping 13 attendees confirmed, with more potentially popping in as the event progresses. Without further ado, the cast of attendees!


Tobi has been with the marathon team since our first event four years ago, and is excited to join us for some more fun at Nintendothon! This will be her fifteenth marathon with GFGC, and is hyped to raise some money for St. Jude!


Ethan, the dude known for his upside-down sunglasses and for being a “vlogger extraordinaire”, will be returning to Nintendothon for some more charity fun! Nintendothon will be his third event with us.


Joining with GFGC for his fifteenth marathon, Jake is excited to share his love of games like Pikmin 2 and Super Mario Galaxy, and raise some money for the benefit of St. Jude!


The dude known for his epic Mario Kart Wii skills and teaching people how to make diamond swords, Duncan, will be joining us again at Nintendothon. This will be his fourth marathon with GFGC.


Holy sugar! A long-time favorite of the GFGC events will be returning for some more fun at Nintendothon… after wisdom teeth surgery. Look forward to that! Nintendothon will be her thirteenth GFGC event.


Cher, another returning attendee from the Wiitendothon marathon, is excited to return for his fourth GFGC charity event!


From being attacked by lamps, to being duct-taped to three other people, John has been through it all, and shown his dedication to GFGC events. Nintendothon will be his seventh GFGC marathon, and he couldn’t be more excited!


Where’s my money? Going to St. Jude, that’s where! The funny guy known by Bofis will be popping in from time to time during Nintendothon, and is excited to be joining us for his third event.


Coming up to Minneapolis just for the occasion, Chrissy is super excited to be joining us for her first charity event! Be sure to say hello!


Mehsan is an exchange student from Bangladesh, and is excited to join the marathon crew for Nintendothon! This will be his first event with us.


Originally slated as a newcomer at Wiitendothon, Britta is excited to finally join us for a charity event. Nintendothon will be her first event, so be sure to say hello!


Priya, unable to make it to Wiitendothon due to unexpected conflicts, is now excited to finally join us for a marathon event. Be sure to welcome her to our event!


I am of course excited to join the cast of attendees and all of you for my fifteenth marathon as well! Let’s make Nintendothon one of our best events yet!

That’s that! We on the Nintendothon marathon team can’t wait to see all of you next Wednesday!


November’s GFGC Member of the Month

Long overdue, but still worthy of recognition, it’s now time to recognize our first of three Members of the Month for the GFGC Winter is Curing Campaign!

This member took dedication to GFGC and our campaigns, and turned it into action, not only streaming consistently for the benefit of the campaign, but personally raising $3 ahead of Nintendothon through his advocacy. For the month of November, there was one person who rose above the rest, and whose work was clear to see, and that member is LegitCrafter03! Congrats to LegitCrafter03! His earning of this honor grants him a chance to be inducted into the GFGC Hall of Fame next October!

Tune into Nintendothon next Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 at 4PMCT, and join us for 96 hours of games and goodwill for the benefit of St. Jude! Want to donate to the campaign ahead of the event? Check out the Tiltify page and donate! 100% of the proceeds go to St. Jude! Can’t donate but want to support the stream? Share the event and the cause with friends and family, and spread the message on social media using #Nintendothon!

We can’t wait to game for global change! It’s only a week away!!


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