We’re Now on Patreon!

We’re officially only about two months until the launch of our summer campaign! Spring is almost around the corner, and with it, comes a brand new way for you, yes you, to help make our marathon events more professional, fun, and entertaining! We now have an official Patreon page!

A New Way To Support Our Events

Last December, Nintendothon soared to new heights with professionalism, entertainment and success: a growth that wouldn’t have been possible without all of your stream, promotion, and viewership support. Our inaugural Nintendo marathon had a big focus on innovating upon our tested and true event formula, finding new ways to make the stream more engaging, professional, and fun for both the viewers and attendees. In the planning of Nintendothon however, we found that the innovation we had hoped and planned to reach was just outside of our budget, and downsized the event to compensate. Analyzing the extra cost and effort of hosting Nintendothon, we realized that significant stream quality and event upgrades were going to take much longer to fund than prior events. This is why we opened a Patreon page: to give those of you who want to support GFGC and the operation of our marathon events above and beyond a way to do so.


About GFGC On Patreon

In becoming a “patron” on our Patreon page, you can help boost the professionalism and entertainment of our events, and receive exclusive rewards in return! To better support the mission of GFGC, and to keep the focus of our organization on our altruistic outreach & charity fundraisers, we’ve structured our Patreon page differently than many others:

  • Semi-Annual Payment Cycles
    • We only take payment from our patrons semi-annually, approximately one month before the respective Nintendothon events in the summer and the winter.


  • Game Sponsorships!
    • Want to become a more integral part of Nintendothon? Consider becoming an event Sponsor! For contributing $10 or more to a given event, you will get to select a game to “sponsor” for the event. Your name will be featured in the official posted schedules for the event, and you’ll receive shout-outs from the cast of attendees while they’re playing the game!
    • The higher your sponsorship level, the sooner you get to pick from the list of games to sponsor at the event.
    • There is a limited number of sponsorship contributions- become one before the Sponsorship level fills up!


  • Exclusive Nintendothon Updates!
    • Want to get a behind the scenes look at the planning of Nintendothon events? Contribute $5 or more to a given event, and you’ll have access to the Nintendothon Spotlight, a series of blog-posts and feedback polls giving fresh off the press news on our upcoming events before the public eyes see them!


  • Our Impact Guarantee
    • For every event, we will set realistic budget guidelines for the support we receive from patrons. Any leftover funds that are not spent on event upgrades or operation will be donated to the current charity fundraiser campaign we are supporting. You can rest assured that your generous contributions are always going toward improvement or impact!


These are only highlights of the features and rewards of our brand new Patreon page. Check it out in its full extent today! Thank you for your support of Gaming for Global Change, and we hope you consider supporting us with upgrading our future events to their fullest potential! 🙂

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