Let’s Talk Nintendothon Ultimate, Part 1

With two days remaining to Nintendothon Ultimate, there’s excitement brewing amongst the attendees and viewers alike. This stream, we have two newcomers entering the cast list – Cosmopath and theuntamablek – and eleven returning attendees. I’ve decided to interview all thirteen of the attendees (besides myself) to find out their thoughts and feelings before Nintendothon Ultimate!

I first decided to go for Justin, (though you may know him better as his Internet username Cosmopath) who’s coming to Nintendothon from the planet Canada. Seventeen-year-old Justin’s favorite video game is Pokémon: Heart Gold and Soul Silver, and in his free time, he’s an indie game developer. 

Justin first joined GFGC back in 2014 after a not-so-wonderful encounter with Jared (we’ll get to him later,) on the ROBLOX community forums. Even though their first meeting was rocky, Jared now describes Justin as his right-hand man at the organization, always turning to him first with ideas. Here’s the conversation we had:


Tobi: So, this is your first ever GFGC event where you’re in attendance. Do you have any particular hopes or things you’re excited about?


Justin: I’m excited to finally hang out with the people I’ve known for so long in person, and I’m just as excited about playing games and raising money for Doctors Without Borders. I won’t be there for the entire event but I’m hoping to make the most of the time I have.


T: Do you have any incentives you’re hoping to do in your time at Nintendothon Ultimate?


J: I’m weirdly interested in the Strange Soda Test, so if I’m there for when we hit that $500 goal I’d be super interested in doing that. I’m also excited for whatever flash incentives we come up with, and it’ll be fun to see what those are.


T: What games are you hoping to play at Ultimate?


J: Honestly, I’m up for anything. In some way I like pretty much every game that gets played at Nintendothon; I can find ironic enjoyment even in the trainwrecks like Other M – like a video game version of The Room. But if I had to select a few titles I’d say titles like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Wii Sports, and multiplayer games similar to those.


T: Do you have anything to say to anyone who may be reading this right now?


J: I’m super excited to be attending this event, and although I unfortunately won’t be there for the full six days I can’t wait to watch the rest with all of you. I hope you guys enjoy Nintendothon Ultimate, and let’s raise some money for Doctors Without Borders!

Secondly, I went to Kim, known online as theuntamablek, though she’s better known as Lord Kim of the religion of Kimstel. She’s our second newcomer this time around, traveling all the way from Ohio to Minnesota! You may know that she’s sixteen or maybe even that her favorite game is probably Portal 2, but you definitely didn’t know that she injured herself just before the stream while dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe. Where did it come from? Where did it go? 

Kim joined GFGC after seeing ROBLOXathon: Wild in 2014, but she didn’t have a Twitch account to follow the channel. After making an account and following Sean, (better known as BasementNinja) he was the one to bring her back to the organization. Here’s my interview with Kim:


Tobi: Since this is your first Nintendothon, what are some things you’re looking forward to?


Kim: Probably hanging out with the other attendees.


T: What are some incentives you’re looking forward to? Are there any you’re dreading?


K: An incentive I’m looking forward to is probably the strange soda test, because I’ve never actually had the chance to try anything of the like. One I’m dreading is definitely bean boozled as I’ve experienced that from robotics trips.


T: What are some of the games you’re excited to play?


K: Probably Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee, Wii Sports Resort, and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe. 


T: What do you know about Doctors Without Borders, and how much are you hoping to raise?


K: I know pretty much everything the video went over, along with things I’ve read on the website. I’m hoping to raise at least the donation goal.


T: And finally, do you have anything to say to anyone who may be reading this blog post right now?


K: I guess, stay awesome.

Then, in my pursuit of artistic Nintendothon journalism, I went to Jared. Being the founder of Gaming for Global Change and the director of the Nintendothon events, I wanted to know what Jared had to say about the stream, the charity, and his thought process behind choosing Doctors Without Borders.

You may know Jared as Jardanium or even as the legendary “space dad” of the GFGC Discord, but you definitely don’t know that his current job is the ultimate call-back to the early days of GFGC – he works at a pizza place! He’s twenty and his favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which he kindly gave up to Lindsey to play this stream. Let’s hear his thoughts and opinions on not only Nintendothon, but the charity benefiting from this marathon as well:


Tobi: So, you’ve hosted eighteen GFGC events. As the eighteenth, do you have any hopes for Ultimate, and how excited are you?


Jared: I’m always excited when it comes to these events. They’re a really, really fun way for us to make an impact in the world, y’know, and prove that teens and young adults can make a difference in the world. In terms of hopes for Ultimate, I hope we reach and exceed our goal, for sure, but I also hope that this time we can pull off a six-day stream without Internet issues. (laughter) I hope we can finally complete a six day stream after last summer, because that was quite unfortunate.


T: Why did you decide to support Doctors Without Borders for this marathon?


J: So I’ve really seen Doctors Without Borders having a lot of guest representation at other charity events hosted throughout the year. It was suggested to me by [Justin], and I looked into them and thought they were really amazing. The fact that they’re helping in over seventy countries regardless of different political beliefs, and just being really neutral, it’s really awesome. They’re going into some of the most dangerous places to help, and I think it’s really admirable. I definitely think it’s something that deserves a lot more money raised for it. 


T: What incentives are you really looking forward to?


J: Okay, so, in terms of which ones I’m looking forward to, every summer I’m always looking forward to the 6AM pool dunk, so I hope we make the $750 goal for that one. I always look forward to the strange soda one, so I hope we can do that one too. Oh, and the mouth stretch one, because I think that one creates some really funny moments. Those are the three I’m for sure looking forward to the most, they’re the most entertaining.


T: What games are you most excited to play, and why?


J: Super Mario Odyssey definitely, I love doing that game, it’s always a challenge to see if I can finish the game in time. I’m also excited about A Link to the Past, I played that one a bit last [stream] so I’m excited to get back into it. 


T: What is something you want to say to those who support GFGC?


J: Thank you for your support of this crazy dream of mine that’s already 5 years in now. I never thought this group and movement would grow as much as it has since 2013, and I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future. I hope you enjoy what we produce with Nintendothon Ultimate!

For the fourth interview, I went to talk to Lindsey, also known as Grandma Lindsey after her storytelling antics made her seem (and feel) like she’s seventy. Though Lindsey isn’t too active in the online portion of the community, she’s always anticipated and enjoyed at every stream.

Here’s the lowdown on Lindsey: she’s twenty, her favorite games are Kirby: All Star Allies and the board game Secret Hitler, and you definitely didn’t know that she used to bowl competitively for thirteen years! Here’s our interview:


Tobi: For this upcoming Nintendothon, what are some things you’re looking forward to?


Lindsey: I’m looking forward to all the new incentives we’re planning on doing and being able to play The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


T: Let’s talk more about incentives. What are some you’re looking forward to doing? Are there any that you’re dreading?


L: Of course I love doing the lemon challenge. Also, the whisper challenge is hilarious. As far as dreading, the sardine pizza one and then any one that has to do with SPAM.


T: I had a feeling you were going to mention the lemon challenge. What are some of your favorite memories from past Nintendothons?


L: [the lemon challenge is] so fun! When you fell off the Wii Fit board (laughter). The New Years party was pretty fun! And then probably doing the strange soda test, cause it’s interesting to see how some people love a flavor and then others are ready to go throw up.


T: Aw, leave me alone!


L: That was amazing (laugh) and the fact that no one else was up when it happened so there were only a select few that saw it made it even better.


T: Speaking of the New Year’s Bash, how do you feel about it returning this stream? Can you give us some insight or hints about some of the games you’re planning, or is it all a secret?


L: I was so excited when Jared told me we were doing that again! I felt that I could put my random skills about group and party games to use. Let’s just say there will be some returning favorites that we saw from last time and then new ones that may or may not involve cookies and a totally unrelated cannon.


T: Thanks for the insight! Let’s move on to the charity we’re doing this time: Doctors Without Borders. What are some things you know about them, and how much are you hoping to raise this time around?


L: I don’t know much about them, to be honest I didn’t even know what our charity was until last week. I do know that they work in like seventy different countries where they provide services for disaster relief, epidemics and for emergencies which I think is super cool. When I was finishing up high school I was considering joining the Peace Corps which is similar work along the lines of Doctors Without Borders so I always admire and think highly of organizations like that. I’m hoping to raise at least $1000.


T: Awesome! For the final question: do you have anything to say to anyone who may be reading this blog post right now?


L: To anyone who may be reading this blog post, thank you for finding interest in our events. When we started doing these charity events I never imagined it would be like how it is now. We have touched so many people whether it was behind a computer screen, for those of us on camera and of course for those that the charity is helping. We love all those involved in our events and thank you for supporting whether you’re a veteran or a newbie. Thanks for all your love!

After talking with Lindsey, I moved on to Ethan. You may know Ethan for such moments as “It’s a whale! Awoooogah!” or maybe even by his choice phrase “that’s fair,” what you won’t know about nineteen-year-old Ethan is that he likes getting lost. Or that his favorite game is Transistor, or maybe you did because he’s talked about it before.

Ethan is returning to Nintendothon for his fifth GFGC event. Here’s some of what he had to say:


Tobi: So this is your fourth Nintendothon, right? What are you most excited for during Nintendothon Ultimate?


Ethan: Kinda everything, if that’s a valid answer. (laughter) Every time I go into an event I have a blast. Reconnecting with friends that I haven’t seen since the last event is a big plus, and I’m also constantly surprised by the involvedness of the GFGC community. In fact, if I had to say one thing that I was the most excited about, it would be that we’re having two of our most faithful supporters attending the marathon. I can’t wait to meet and hang out with them and everyone else at Ultimate!


T: What are a few of your favorite moments from past marathons?


E: Oh man… that’s a hard one. One of the ones that stuck out to me was Jared’s valiant attempt to get through that country song with a lungful of helium. That was really something to behold… he got so far. I think there’s a clip of that somewhere.


T: Speaking of incentives, what are some that you’re looking forward to?


E: Well I mean, if that Ad-Lib incentive happens that’s bound to be hilarious. Other than that, the improv incentive is always a blast. People get so creative with their submissions and their acting.


T: What do you know about Doctors Without Borders, and how much are you hoping to raise?


E: I know that they’re an amazing organization that helps people that truly need it, who would be able to get the help they need without external support. I’m out to get as much as possible for those in need! If I had to put it to a number, let’s start with our ending total for Legacy and go up from there.


T: Finally: Do you have anything to say to anyone who may be reading this right now?


E: Uhhhh, I mean first of all wassaaaap and also who are you, but mostly I can’t wait for thursday?

Finally for this segment, I interviewed Chrissy, returning to Nintendothon Ultimate with more of her fun shenanigans. If you’re hoping for Chrissy’s Crappy Hour this stream, you’re in luck! Chrissy is a twenty-year-old college student, and her favorite game is Super Mario Galaxy. Some things that you may not know about her is that she’s from SPAMtown USA and that her favorite food is calamari, from Barcelona. 

Chrissy returns for her fifth GFGC event and her fourth Nintendothon event. Let’s hear her thoughts on it:


Tobi: With this being your fourth Nintendothon event, what are some things you’re looking forward to this time around?


Chrissy: Hanging out with the other attendees that I don’t see often.


T: Incentive-wise, what are some incentives you’re excited to do this time?


C: I’m excited to see how the non-SPAM eaters take eating the different SPAMs. 


T: What are a few of your favorite moments from past marathons?

C: I still think it’s really funny to watch the whale noise clip from my first stream. (laughter)


T: What do you know about Doctors Without Borders, and how much are you hoping to raise?


C: I know that it’s doctors going around the world to help people in need, and I’m hoping we raise $1500.


T: And, finally, do you have anything to say to anyone who may be reading this?


C: [Between Jared and I,] I’m the fun roommate.

Nintendothon Ultimate is a 144-hour charity livestream benefiting Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières. You can watch it and donate exclusively at https://tiltify.com/@gamingforglobalchange/ultimate-summer starting on July 18th at 4PM CDT.  See you soon for the ultimate summer!!

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