Let’s Talk Nintendothon Ultimate – Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome to the last hours before Nintendothon Ultimate starts broadcasting! Excitement builds and good vibes are vibin’, so let’s finish off this interview series to find out what the remaining five attendees have to say!

Let’s start off this time with John, who goes by jb0927 on Discord. John’s seventeen, his favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and he loves anything to do with math, computers, or science. You may know John for bullying me with an air can at Simstream. I’m still bitter. Here’s what John has to say about Nintendothon:

Tobi: Awesome. With less than a week to Nintendothon, what are some things you’re excited about?


John: I’m really exited to hang out with people who are attending and people in the chat.


T: What are some incentives you’re looking forward to? And what are some you’re dreading?


J: I haven’t looked at the incentives list for this year, but if it’s on there, I hate the jelly bean one. As for ones I’m looking forward to, I really like the blind makeup challenge and the strange soda test. Or the lemon challenge.


T: What are some of your favorite moments from past Nintendothons?


J: It’s a whale! Awoooogah!


T: What are some things you know about Doctors Without Borders, and how much are you hoping to raise for them?


J: Doctors Without Borders helps people who need medical attention but can’t get it. That work is really important not only from a humanitarian perspective but also for preventing the next large outbreak. I don’t really have a goal but every penny we make is one step closer to helping one more person.


T: Thank you! Finally, is there anything you want to say to those who may be reading this right now?


J: Dab on dem haters.

Next, let’s talk about Duncan. You may know Duncan as Duncan or even as DKman00, but do you know him as a Marble Blast world record holder? That’s right, this seventeen-year-old is ranked number five on worldwide Marble Blast leaderboards, and he holds many world records across multiple marble-themed video games. Is it a far cry to assume that these marble games are his favorite? 

Duncan isn’t only packing a change of clothes for this marathon, he’s also bringing his laughter, hilarious character voice acting, and his extensive knowledge of marble related games. Duncan is returning to Ultimate for his fourth Nintendothon. Here are his thoughts and feelings on Ultimate:


Tobi: What are some things you’re excited for/looking forward to during Nintendothon: Ultimate?


Duncan: I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the big group of friends that I’ve made there in the last couple years, and meeting a few of the friends that I have made online for the first time.


T: Incentive wise, what are some incentives you’re looking forward to, and are there some you’re absolutely dreading?


D: I am definitely looking forward to the role-playing and improv incentives that we do. It’s really fun to watch people act out hilarious scenarios with creative characters and situations. I am dreading the strange soda test.  The different soda flavors that frankly should not exist in the first place gross me out and it is hard to force myself to drink some of them.


T: What do you know about Doctors Without Borders, and how much are you hoping to raise during the marathon?


D: I know the very basics about Doctors Without Borders, in that they travel to places with epidemics or conflicts and help with medical aid in those areas. I am hoping to raise close to $2,000, well above the current goal.


T: What are a few of your favorite moments from past marathons?


D: A few of my favorite moments include the couple times when I won the Smash Bros tournaments, the moment when Jared made the Impossible jump in Super Mario Odyssey for $40, and the New Years party from Nintendothon: Legacy.


T: Speaking of the bash: are you excited that it’s making a return at Ultimate?


D: I’m super stoked about the bash, and I’m glad that the viewers get to participate in various ways along with the attendees.


T: For the last question: do you have anything to say to anyone who may be reading this?


D: Watch Nintendothon. Also follow me on Twitch at twitch.tv/DKman00.

Next, let’s talk about Britta. Though Britta was unable to finish the full interview with me due to time constraints, she did answer about half of my questions, so I’ll just put what she was able to answer.

Britta is eighteen years old and her favorite game is a board game called Inis. She’s known at streams for her blunt delivery on some pretty sick burns (hurts my knees, anyone?) and also her wit and comedic timing. Here’s something you didn’t know, though: Britta plays the violin! Here’s our talk:


Tobi: What are some things you’re looking forward to during Nintendothon: Ultimate?


Britta: I’m looking forward to doing fun incentives, enjoying hanging out with people.


T: Speaking of incentives, what are some you’re excited for? And what are some that you’re dreading?


B: Dreading the soda (laughs). Any of the fun games I’m excited for.


That’s about all I was able to get out of Britta before she stopped responding. Be sure to test her knowledge about Doctors Without Borders during Nintendothon!

Next up on our list: Abdul. Abdul was, to be honest, pretty hard to reach, (I had to go through Jared as a proxy) but I was able to interview him fully about Ultimate. Abdul is nineteen years old and his favorite game is any of the Mario Party games, where he infamously stole that goddamn coin. An interesting fact about Abdul is that he used to be a rapper under the nickname Abdul G, producing hits such as ‘Ask Politely’.

Here are Abdul’s thoughts on this upcoming Nintendothon:


Tobi: What’s an incentive you’re excited for?


Abdul: The Poptart one.


T: What’s your best memories of Nintendothon?


A: Definitely playing as Luigi and stealing that coin. 


T: What do you know about Doctors Without Borders?


A: I know a bit about them. I know that they offer medical relief to people who can’t pay for it in over seventy countries.


Last but not least, let’s talk Jake. With Gaming for Global Change since it’s very inception, Jake has been an essential part of the attendee cast list, as he is Jared’s brother and all. Jake is eighteen and his favorite game right now is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. An interesting fact that I somehow always forget about him is that he’s left-handed. 

Jake is returning for his eighteenth Gaming for Global Change event, and is bringing with him his dry delivery, dumb antics, and quiet (but powerful) drags. Here’s what he had to say:


Tobi: What are some things you’re looking forward to at Nintendothon Ultimate?


Jake: Seeing all the attendees and interacting with the viewers.


T: What are some incentives you’re excited to do? And what are some you’re dreading?


J: I’m excited to do soda. And I’m lowkey dreading the 6AM pool dunk.


T: What are some of your favorite memories from Nintendothons past?


J: When we duct taped the spider cup to the wall, and also the Nintendothon quote bingo.


T: What do you know about Doctors Without Borders and how much are you hoping to raise?


J: I know they helo a lot of people all around the world. I hope hope hope we break our goal, but every penny counts!!


T: Lastly, do you have anything to say to anyone who may be reading this right now?


J: I can’t wait to see you all in the chat!

Nintendothon Ultimate is a 144-hour charity livestream benefiting Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières. You can watch it and donate exclusively at https://tiltify.com/@gamingforglobalchange/ultimate-summer starting at 4PM CDT!  See you soon for the ultimate summer!!

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