Board of Directors


Gaming for Global Change Board of Directors


Jared Voight

Board Chair and Marathon Director

[email protected]

Jared is the founder of GFGC, and currently has duties involving overseeing the board of directors and leading GFGC charity marathon events. He loves playing video games, writing, and watching YouTube in his spare time.
Justin Cuozzo

Technical Director 

[email protected]

Justin runs applets such as our website and our Discord server. He also helps manage the financial records of the organization. Justin spends his free time playing video games and making videos, and has passions in digital design.
  Briana Flaherty

Creative Director

[email protected]

Briana oversees creative-based works within the community, and has traditionally developed the commemorative merchandise for our events. Bri’s passions include traditional and digital art, playing the piano, and playing PC games.
  Ryan Bankert

Community Director

[email protected]

Ryan helps organize community outreach events for our community, and assists in selecting Members of the Month. Ryan loves all different types of food, and has passions for music and technology.

Director of Public Relations

[email protected]

Tobi is one of the co-founders of GFGC, and currently serves as the director of social media and outreach, overseeing the various social media pages that GFGC operates. Tobi’s passions include all things Animal Crossing, listening to future funk, and playing addicting phone games.

Director of Archiving

[email protected]

Cave oversees the archiving and documentation of all happenings within GFGC, including meeting minutes, and livestream highlights. He has passions in classic video gaming, board gaming, and programming. He is currently pursuing a major in Computer Science & IT.
  Jake Voight

Director of Graphic Design

[email protected]

Jake designs the graphics that GFGC uses to promote our events, causes, and services to the public. Jake has passions for producing art and enjoys spending his free-time traveling and with people that he loves.
Amal Ahmed

Member at Large

[email protected]

Amal was inducted into the Gaming for Global Change Hall of Fame in 2015, and currently resides on our board as a voting member at large. She loves to spend her freetime drawing and spending time with her brothers.

Director of Outreach

[email protected]

Prismeous, the first inductee into the Gaming for Global Change Hall of Fame, supports the organization as a Director of Outreach. His passions include art, airsoft, and listening to psychedelic rock.