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Changes to Community Night

Hey everyone! When GFGC Community Night began back in August 2016, it was originally intended as an activity to encourage engagement, and recruit new people to our ever-growing community. As Community Night has evolved over the last year and a half, we have noticed that original intention slowly disappear, and the streams not putting our community’s best foot forward. With this is mind, we feel that its time to shake things up a bit, and re-envision how we do community engagement by changing our existing event, and debuting a new one:

In order to re-shape Community Night to its original vision, we are mixing things up with how the event is organized. Starting with our next stream, verbal participation in Community Night streams will be limited to a select group of board members, streamers, and other individuals within GFGC. More details as to how to be a part of this group and the commitment requirement will be released within the next week on our Discord server. The purpose of this change is to not only help increase engagement in the streams, but turn Community Night into more of a professional and official event for our organization. We don’t want to stop everyone else from joining in the fun though! Community Night will shift more toward games that involve audience participation, such as the Jackbox Party Pack or Skribbl.io, so that even those watching the stream can feel a part of the experience. In reshaping our Community Night event, we hope to develop a stronger community engagement and recruitment effort, expanding GFGC involvement in the process.

The GFGC Member of the Month for January will be announced at our first revised GFGC Community Night stream, taking place on February, 24th, 2017! Tune in to the stream beginning on that day at 7PMCT on our Twitch channel to find out who is recognized this month!

In recognizing that our changes to Community Night leave a void in broader community engagement, we are additionally introducing GFGC Game Night. This event will operate in tandem with Community Night, and will be open to any member of the GFGC community. Any multiplayer game can be played at this non-streamed event, which will switch from night to night based upon community feedback and voting. Details of how games will be selected will additionally be posted within our Discord server within the next week.

GFGC Community Night and Game Night will be hosted on alternating Saturday evenings at 7PMCT, meaning each event will occur every two weeks. The cycle will begin this Saturday, February 17th, 2018 with our first ever Game Night event. We are excited for this inaugural event, and hope that these changes and additions will increase community engagement and growth in a way we’ve never seen before!

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