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December 27th, 2016 – December 29th, 2016

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For the benefit of Feed My Starving Children

An interim marathon between the end of ROBLOXathon and the new Wiitendothon marathon, SimStream was a smaller scale attempt at something new for the GFGC marathon team.



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December 2013 – August 2016

Marathons of the online MMOG ROBLOX for the benefit of charity. Marathons included:

ROBLOXathon: Water – December 2013

ROBLOXathon: Harvest – March 2014

ROBLOXathon: Care – June 2014

ROBLOXathon: Wild – August 2014

ROBLOXathon: Endurance – December 2014

ROBLOXathon: Freedom – March 2015

ROBLOXathon: Splash – June 2015

ROBLOXathon: Life – August 2015

ROBLOXathon: Relief – December 2015

ROBLOXathon: Hunger – March 2016

ROBLOXathon: Cure – June 2016

ROBLOXathon: Remembrance – August 2016

ROBLOXathon was the event that began GFGC, and turned it into the successful group it is today. Through supporting various different charities, and having marathons varying in length four times a year, ROBLOXathon became a staple in the ROBLOX stream community, and became one of the most successful charity livestreams of ROBLOX.

The ROBLOXathon series ended in August 2016.

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