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Super Nintendothon – Super Announcements!

Hey GFGC! We officially have only two more weeks to go until our upcoming flagship marathon event, Super Nintendothon, goes live! We hope that you are just as hyped as we are at watching, donating, and enjoying a 6-day long livestream of Nintendo games for the benefit of Direct Relief! Since we’re approaching the event oh-so-quickly, I figured now would be a great time to announce some awesome new things premiering at our event, designed to make your Nintendothon experience even more super!


Flash Incentives & Super Incentives!

As a part of our efforts to make Super Nintendothon our most super event yet, we’ve opted to make several changes to our donation incentive model.

A “classic” flash incentive from Nintendothon back in December.

In recognition of the large success that flash incentives have had in encouraging to donations to the charities we support, we have opted to significantly reduce the milestone-unlocked donation incentives and move to a near-complete flash incentive model. This does not mean your favorite former milestone incentives wont be making appearances however! We plan to have an entire pre-set list of flash incentives lined up to keep the entertainment high, and the fundraiser total climbing. Want to help add flash incentives to our list? Suggest your ideas here! Who knows, maybe your flash incentive will make it onto the stream!

We’re additionally mixing up our incentive model by introducing Super Incentives!

Super Incentives begin as regular incentives, with a pre-set cumulative total to unlock, and a time that the incentive will expire at, like so:

Let’s say that the Strange Soda Test was unlocked, with the total reaching $175.00 at 12:15AM. The incentive would then switch into a Super Incentive, granting a short-term opportunity to upgrade the incentive and make it more entertaining for all of you. An example of the Super Incentive for the Strange Soda Test scenario above is presented below:

As seen in this scenario, the Strange Soda Test was unlocked at 12:15AM, as the cumulative total reached $175.00. The Super Incentive involves mixing all of the sodas together, and would be unlocked with an additional $25.00 raised, however it only has a short-term period of 30 minutes before it expires.

We’re excited to surprise you with various Super Incentive unlocks throughout our 6-day long event, so keep your eyes peeled! Not all incentives will have upgrades.


Super Primetime and Super Latenight

Now that we are on our third Nintendo-console based event, we’ve found success in our adaptation and changes to our Primetime and Latenight scheduling model. We have also, however, found that the scheduled blocks can restrict the gameplay on some larger scale games, which just require a bit more time to get through. That’s why we’re introducing two new time blocks for our event, Super Primetime, and Super Latenight.

Super Primetime gives the big star games a little bit more time, to help us hopefully see them through further to completion. Each game played during Super Primetime will last approximately 6 hours in length, resulting in two games being played within a twelve hour block.

Super Latenight will keep the super party going on late into the night, giving some of our back-burner games with sufficient content a chance to shine in what would normally be a Primetime slot. Each game played during Super Latenight will last approximately 4 hours, resulting in three games being played within a twelve hour block.

An example of a day with Super Primetime and Super Latenight scheduling.

Both Super Primetime and Super Latenight will only occur for a couple of days during the marathon, with full details of which days being released alongside the event schedule later this month. The typical Primetime and Latenight time blocks you’re used to will not go away either, as this scheduling model will be followed for all other days.


Thanks to the event’s Patreon Supporters

I’d like to give a special thanks to community member Dash for supporting the Super Nintendothon marathon at the Global Changer level, as well as a big thanks to the rest of the event sponsors as well! You all have helped make significant portions of this event possible already, and still are helping the Super Nintendothon planning process run smoothly! To those who have contributed to the event at a sponsorship level, you will be approached soon to choose your sponsored game!


Support the Summer of Relief Campaign for the benefit of Direct Relief

Super Nintendothon is only a component of the GFGC Summer of Relief campaign! We’re attempting to raise $1,000 for the benefit of Direct Relief before the end of the summer, and want your help! You can stream for the benefit of the campaign, share the cause with friends and family, and donate today! 100% of donations go direct to the charity, so you can rest assured your time and funds are supporting those in need.


Thank you all for your continued support of Gaming for Global Change and our fundraiser events for charity! We can’t wait to see what new things we accomplish together in the next few months!


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