Wiitendothon – Wii Play, U Change The World!

We are only 18 days (yes, only 18!!) out from the premiere of our newest charity marathon, Wiitendothon, a 120 Hour  livestream of 60 Wii, Wii U and Virtual Console games. Since we’re so close to the event, we figured we’d make our first blog post on our new website to help share some new and exciting details about our brand new marathon!

As revealed yesterday, Gaming for Global Change will be once again supporting charity: water for its Summer of Water campaign and the Wiitendothon marathon. Water is a resource vital to life, as access to clean drinking water saves lives, promotes education, and creates sustainable communities; charity: water is an organization that works in 24 countries all around the world to address this need and build clean water systems in developing countries.

ROBLOXathon: Remembrance raised $550 for charity: water in 2016.

We’ve supported charity: water several times in the past, and through the gracious donations of our viewer base, have raised more than $6,300 for the benefit of this charity. Our goal through these next few months and Wiitendothon, is to break $6,500 raised for this charity: water, and continue to help them in the growth of their water projects all around the globe.

Wiitendothon, like all of our previous charity events, will feature donation incentives that are based upon the cumulative total raised, however, we are also reintroducing a style that hasn’t been seen since ROBLOXathon: Water. Announcing, flash incentives.


Perhaps with the flash incentive system, we’ll see the return of this Make-Up incentive from ROBLOXathon: Splash


Flash Incentives are essentially just like regular incentives, but have a time limit associated to them. As an example, let’s say that I was playing Super Mario Maker, and offered to play a certain difficult courses or play blindfolded if $30 was raised in the next hour. That’s a flash incentive in a nutshell. The intention behind these new incentives is to allow greater opportunities for you the viewers to interact with the attendees, and to allow the attendees to have some freedom to think of their own incentives on the fly. Flash incentives will happen sporadically throughout the marathon, so I hope you catch them, and enjoy them.

A sample (yes, I said sample) Wiitendothon game schedule modeling Latenight and Primetime game designations.

Unlike our prior marathons, Wiitendothon will follow a game schedule to ensure we stay on track and get to all of the games we want to in 120 hours. With that, we have decided to break down the schedule into two blocks of time: Primetime and Latenight. The Primetime hours, going from 12PMCT-12AMCT, will feature gameplay of all of your favorite first-party Nintendo games, such as Mario Kart, Mario Party, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, etc. From 12AMCT-12PMCT, in order to keep the Wiitendothon party going during the Latenight hours, we will be playing both fun and hilariously bad third-party titles, ranging from Family Game Night and Wheel of Fortune to Iron Chef America and Anubis II. Through these two blocks of time, we aim to not only gain new viewership by playing popular games in Primetime, but to also keep the fun happening all night through our Latenight game lineup. The official game schedule will be released in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for it so you can tune in for your favorites!

Wiitendothon will begin at 4PM Central on July 20th, 2017, and we can’t wait to see you there! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and YouTube for quick updates on all Wiitendothon happenings. Please also be sure to stay tuned to this news section right here on the GFGC website for future updates, including the release of the game schedule, incentives, attendees, and more!

Want to help us get a kickstart on our goals for the stream? Donate to and fundraise for the GFGC Summer of Water campaign today: http://bit.ly/2txWNhF

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