Wiitendothon – One Week Away!


Hey hey everyone! We are officially ONE WEEK TO WIITENDOTHON! I know, I know, it’s really hard to hold your excitement, (trust us, it is for us too), but we’ve got a whole line-up of announcements this week to keep your hype going all the way until 4PMCT on the 20th of July! In this blog post, we’ll announce some more details about the next week and Wiitendothon, as well as introduce our attendees for the event! So without further ado, let’s get started!

Just a sample of some of the donation incentives for Wiitendothon.

In case you missed it, we released the Wiitendothon donation incentives on Twitter a couple of days ago! This marathon, we’re bringing back all of the fun incentives from marathons past, including the 6AM Pool Dunk, Egg Roulette, and Lemon Social, but we’re also reintroducing a couple of favorites, like Karaoke, eating Raw Onion, and Blindfolded Makeovers. With these occurring in addition to the flash incentive system announced a couple of weeks ago, we hope that we can encourage you to make a contribution to charity: water sometime during the broadcast!

An inside look at the complexities of scheduling of playtimes for Wiitendothon.

The game schedule for Wiitendothon is set to be released to the public on Tuesday, July 18th, being posted publicly as a news post right here on the GFGC Website! Check out this post from a couple weeks ago explaining how our schedule will be broken up!  This schedule will not only reveal the 60+ games we will be playing during the event, but will also give you the start times and players for each one, helping you be sure you catch your favorites!


Speaking of players, it’s time to reveal the cast of attendees for Wiitendothon:




Tobi has been with GFGC since its inception, and is excited to dedicate these five days in July to her fourteenth (yes you read it right) charity marathon. She is very excited to share her love of Super Mario Galaxy and Animal Crossing with all of you at Wiitendothon!




Jake has also been with GFGC since it’s beginnings in 2013, and is also attending his fourteenth marathon with us. He’s excited to share his love with a few select Nintendo games with you all, including Super Mario Galaxy, and Pikmin 2!




Lindsey made her GFGC debut at ROBLOXathon: Harvest when she collapsed the tray, and her crazy adventures have been a crowd favorite ever since. Wiitendothon will be her twelfth GFGC event.




Ethan made his recent debut last summer at the final ROBLOXathon marathon, ROBLOXathon: Remembrance, and is excited to join us once again for a brand new marathon. This will be his second event with us.




Duncan also is a new face from the ROBLOXathon: Remembrance marathon, who made a big splash as one of the major attendees of the recent SimStream last December. Wiitendothon will be his third marathon with GFGC.




Bree is an attendee who made her debut at the 2015 ROBLOXathon: Freedom marathon, and has since popped in every now and then to make an impact. This will be her third marathon with GFGC.




John made his debut at the December 2015 ROBLOXathon: Relief marathon, and has since attended every event, showing his dedication to positive global change. This will be his sixth GFGC marathon.




Cher made his GFGC debut at the 2016 ROBLOXathon: Cure marathon, and is very excited to return for his third marathon with us.




Katie made her debut alongside Brieanna at the ROBLOXathon: Freedom marathon, and has since become an entertaining veteran attendee with her sleep-deprived antics. Wiitendothon will be her eighth marathon with GFGC.



Abdul is one of our new attendees, and is very excited to be joining us for the first time at Wiitendothon! He is best known for his awesome sense of humor and “fire mixtapes”. Abdul will be joining us on Saturday afternoon, so be sure to welcome him to GFGC!




Priya is our other new attendee for Wiitendothon. She is best known for her contagious laugh and love for doing good things in the world. She will be joining us in the afternoons on several days during the event, so be sure to say hello!



And of course, I will be attending Wiitendothon as well. I’m very excited to play some of my favorite games during the course of the event, and raise money for a really awesome organization like charity: water in the process! This will be the fourteenth marathon that I am overseeing. I’m getting really hyped, and hope you are too!

…and that’s the list! Do you want to help us inch closer to our goal before the event? Donate to or fundraise for the GFGC Summer of Water campaign! It’s very simple, all you have to do is place the link under your stream, or share it on social media and with family & friends! Sharing the cause not only increases the awareness of the great work that charity: water does, but can also generate extra funds for the cause. Be sure to use our official hashtag for the event, #Wiitendothon, so we can see your posts and like, share, and retweet them!


Stay tuned to the GFGC website and social media channels for updates over the course of this next week relating to Wiitendothon and the GFGC Summer of Water campaign, and of course tune into Wiitendothon beginning at 4PMCT on July 20th, 2017, only at our Twitch Channel!


See you next week everyone! The 7 day countdown begins! 🙂

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