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GFGC Marathon: Just Add Water! – Schedule

The GFGC Marathon: Just Add Water! unites broadcasters in our community from across the world to raise money for a good cause! This page provides the event’s schedule, so you can be sure to catch your favorite streamers and games over the four day event! The GFGC Marathon runs daily from 12PM-2AM CDT over at the GFGC Twitch Page!

DateStart Time (CT)GameBroadcasterGuest(s)
Friday, March 26th, 202112:00PMSuper Mario Maker 2Cosmo 
 3:00PMMarble BlastDKman00 
 5:00PMClubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide ClassicsCosmoCavedog962
 7:00PMStardew ValleyHawkeisabelaRedsbian
 9:00PMNight in the WoodsTheUntamableOkayJac
 11:00PMMinecraft – Hypixel MinigamesJardanium 
Saturday, March 27th, 202112:00PMWorld of WarcraftClofton 
 2:00PMSuper Mario Odyssey (Any % Speedrun)ArflicZyjin
 5:00PMSplatoon 2Jardanium 
 7:00PMMinecraft – Hypixel & GeoGuessrAlexH3rshInfinitysHero, MaddieMix, VolcanicOvan
 10:00PMToontown RewrittenI_amtoriCavedog962
 12:00AMTomb RaiderRedsbianEthan, Snersona
Sunday, March 28th, 202112:00PMRhythm Game ManiaDashdotlt 
 2:00PMMinecraft – Seattle SMPTobitimesthree 
 5:00PMThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildJardanium 
 8:00PMMinecraft – HypixelToxikRecon 
 11:00PMMario Kart 8 DeluxeCosmoJardanium, Tobitimesthree, Cavedog962

GFGC Marathon: Just Add Water! is attempting to raise $750 for the benefit of charity: water this weekend, and we need your help! If you’re interested in donating at any time, you can do so here: https://tiltify.com/@gamingforglobalchange/spring-water-campaign. PCPartPicker is matching all donations up to $500,000 across the global Water x Stream fundraising campaign, so now is a perfect time to double your impact through a donation!

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