Nintendothon Deluxe – 10 Years of GFGC

Happy Holidays, everyone!

On this day ten years ago, GFGC went live on the internet with our first ever charity marathon. This event, ROBLOXathon: Water, was a two-day livestream of ROBLOX games for the benefit of charity: water. While the event was small and filled with technical issues, the $280 that was raised for clean water inspired a group of young teens to keep going. It inspired us to continue to host charity fundraising events for many more years into the future. But most importantly, it inspired us to show as many people as possible that video games can create positive global change.

A screenshot from ROBLOXathon: Water back in December 2013. We’ve certainly come a long way since then!

Over the years, our events have continued to evolve. From ROBLOXathon to SimStream, and Wiitendothon to Nintendothon, we’ve always sought to deliver fun and exciting new ways to fundraise for charity. Along the way, we’ve also been blessed to grow an incredible community that engages with our mission so wholeheartedly. None of what we’ve been able to achieve in the last ten years would have been possible without all of your support. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for everything. You’ve helped make the childhood dreams of that group of teens turn into reality.

Nintendothon Legends in July 2022 brought together several members of the online GFGC Community for five days of games, impact and fun. Our community has achieved incredible things!

We believe there’s no better way to celebrate this milestone than a charity fundraiser, which is why we’re excited to bring you Nintendothon Deluxe, starting tomorrow! We’re aiming to deliver our most deluxe event yet this holiday season, and can’t wait for you to see what we have in store. So, without further ado, let’s get underway!

This holiday season, we’re spinning things up with our classic incentive wheel!

First introduced at Nintendothon Sword and Shield, the Spincentive Wheel has been a staple of our events for the past several years, leaving the challenges we’ve had to face up to the whims of fate! We’re pleased to announce that Spincentives will be returning this winter, but with some new and exciting changes to give them a deluxe upgrade!

The classic, on-screen Spincentive Wheel will now feature a core set of smaller-scale challenges to serve as a fun bonus for making a contribution to the campaign. From sour candies to speed doodles, we hope that these quick incentives will put a smile on your face! To account for these changes, Spincentives will now be activated with any donation of $5 or more. We’ve also reduced the amount of Impact Points required to get a free Spincentive in the Twitch chat, with only 3,000 being required to send the wheel spinning!

But that’s not all! We’re so excited to debut the Deluxe Spin this holiday season! This physical spinner wheel is packed full of larger-scale donation incentives, including both new and fan-favorite challenges from past events! From hot sauce shots to human sound effects, these challenges are sure to entertain! For any donation of $25 or more to the campaign, you can activate a Deluxe Spin. You’ll also receive a regular Spincentive too, allowing you to double both your impact and fun!

The Deluxe Spin is ready for action this week!

We hope you look forward to these upgrades to the Spincentive system at Nintendothon Deluxe!

We’re giving all of our donors a chance to shine!

First debuting at Nintendothon New Horizons in 2020, our sticky note recognition of every donor has been a long-time tradition for Nintendothon. We’ve always wanted to reinforce that every single donation makes a difference, and this winter is no different.

For a donation of any size to the Decade of Change campaign, your name will be written on a Sparkle, a star-shaped sticky note. These Sparkles will then be placed on the wall behind our gameplay couch for the rest of the event.

The five colors of Sparkles you can collect through donations at Nintendothon Deluxe!

Each day of the event will feature a different colored Sparkle. Return and make a contribution each day of the event to collect them all!

We hope to see all of your names dazzling bright this week at Nintendothon Deluxe!

We’re rewarding fundraising success with our most deluxe challenges!

By helping us reach various fundraising Milestones with our campaign this winter, you will unlock additional bonus challenges as a reward!

We’re excited to offer the following Milestone Challenges at Nintendothon Deluxe:

Blindfolded Makeover – $250 Raised
This classic Nintendothon challenge features attendees receiving makeovers from a blindfolded artist!
Strange Soda Tournament – $500 Raised
We’ve tasted many strange sodas over the years, but what is the strangest? This single elimination tournament will decide the strangest soda!
Smoothie Challenge – $750 Raised
We’re blending up some questionable concoctions in this challenge, where attendees must pick two good and two bad ingredients for their smoothies.
Pie in the Face – $1,250 Raised
The classic prank returns! See an attendee get a pie of whipped cream straight to the face!

Help us get one step closer to unlocking these challenges by donating to the campaign today! Every little bit helps us reach closer towards our goal!

Five days of festive fundraising start tomorrow!

As announced in a video published yesterday, Nintendothon Deluxe is set to shake up our event schedule in a way we’ve never done before! Due to the logistical challenges of planning an event around this time of year, we’ve decided to cut the overnight segments from Nintendothon Deluxe. This decision was not easy to make, but we believe it will allow us to deliver the most deluxe experience to you this holiday season.

Nintendothon Deluxe will start at 2:00PM CST this Thursday, December 28th, and will run until midnight. The stream will then go offline for a few hours, allowing our attendees to rest and rejuvenate. The stream will go live again at 8:00AM CST on December 29th and run, once again, until midnight. This cycle will continue until the conclusion of our stream on January 2nd, 2024.

A sample of the event’s schedule from Dec. 31st. You won’t want to miss a second of the action!

The full event schedule is available now on the Nintendothon website and the Tiltify campaign page (auto-syncs to your time zone). Check it out now so you can be sure to catch your favorite games and attendees!

They’re ready to help ring in a decade of change!

As always, Nintendothon would not be possible without our incredible cast of event attendees. These hard-working and dedicated people have volunteered their spare time and energy this holiday season to raise money for clean water.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the attendees of Nintendothon Deluxe!

Event Director Jared is ready to ring in 10 years of GFGC at his eleventh Nintendothon event! Be sure to join him for all five days of our fundraiser!

On your mark! Racing into her eleventh Nintendothon event, is Lindsey! She truly cannot wait to kick off her tenth year of fundraising with GFGC this holiday season!

Ethan is revved up and ready to go for his eleventh Nintendothon event! Be sure to drop by and say hi to them throughout the event!

Red is back in action at her fifth Nintendothon event! Be sure to join them around the New Year for segments including New Pokemon Snap and Breath of the Wild!

Another attendee racing past a decade of change this week is Jake! Be sure to join Jake all five days of the event for games including Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Tears of the Kingdom, and more! Nintendothon Deluxe will be his ninth Nintendothon event.

Drifting into Nintendothon Deluxe this weekend is Adam! Be sure to give Adam a big hello as he joins us for yet another event this holiday season! Nintendothon Deluxe will be his fifth Nintendothon event.

And that’s our event! We hope you’re as excited as we are to ring in a decade of change tomorrow at Nintendothon Deluxe!

Nintendothon Deluxe kicks off at 2:00PMCT on December 28th, 2023 over at the GFGC Twitch Page!

Want to make an impact before the stream even starts? Consider a donation to the Decade of Change campaign today! The minimum donation is $1, and 100% of your donation will go straight to charity: water! We truly can’t wait to kick off Nintendothon Deluxe in only a few short hours and we hope to see you all there!

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