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GFGC Marathon: Level Up – Schedule

GFGC Marathon: Level Up unites broadcasters in our community from across the world to raise money for a good cause! This page provides the event’s schedule, so you can be sure to catch your favorite streamers and games over the four day event!

As the GFGC Marathon continues to progress, the intensity of the event levels up! Catch the first few days for some laid-back, casual fun or tune in on the last day for chaotic, off-the-rails excitement! GFGC Marathon: Level Up offers the best of both worlds.

The GFGC Marathon runs daily from 12PM-4AM CST over at the GFGC Twitch Page and guest broadcasters’ channels! If a guest broadcaster’s name is highlighted, you can click on it to be taken to their Twitch channel!

DateStart Time (CT)GameBroadcasterGuest(s)
Wednesday, January 11th, 202312:00PMPokémon Legends: ArceusJardanium 
 2:00PMKirby and the Forgotten LandJardanium 
 7:00PMMario Kart 8 DeluxeHayHayIsLiveJardanium
 9:00PMMinecraft – Twitch SMPdem0nic_omelet 
 12:00AMStardew Valleyxrep04 
Thursday, January 12th, 202312:00PMAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsJardanium 
 2:00PMUnicorn TailsI_amtoriTheUntamableOkay
 4:00PMPokémon VioletCosmo 
 7:00PMFrog Detective 3I_amtoriTheUntamableOkay, Cavedog962
 9:00PMMinecraft – Hypixel MinigamesJardanium 
 12:00AMHollow Knightxrep04 
Friday, January 13th, 202312:00PMParadigmI_amtori 
 2:00PMSuper Mario SunshineJardanium 
 4:00PMSplatoon 3Cosmo 
 6:00PMMinecraft – SurvivalTendedTadpole2 
 10:00PMGolf With Your FriendsJardaniumCosmo, Cavedog962
 2:00AMLater Alligatorxrep04 
Saturday, January 14th, 202312:00PMSuper Mario OdysseyJardanium 
 4:00PMFall GuysI_amtoriCavedog962
 6:00PMCastle CrashersI_amtoriCosmo, Cavedog962
 8:00PMEnter the Gungeonxrep04 
 10:00PMJackbox GamesCavedog962All Available
 12:00AMGFGC Marathon: Level Up FinaleJardanium 

GFGC Marathon: Level Up is attempting to raise $500 for the benefit of The Trevor Project this week. If you’re interested in donating at any time, you can do so here: https://tiltify.com/@gamingforglobalchange/level-up-campaign

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