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Nintendothon Kingdom – The Troupe Rises

There’s less than two weeks until the the troupe rises! Let’s join together to take on the gloom and save the kingdom!

It’s officially Nintendothon season, GFGC! We are so excited to finally be bringing you our next Nintendothon marathon this summer after nearly a year away. Similar to last summer’s Nintendothon event, we’ve worked hard for several months to craft an exciting and refreshing twist to the Nintendothon formula themed around The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Now, with only a few short days left, we believe there’s no better time than the present to finally pull back the curtain and show you some of what you can expect to experience at Nintendothon Kingdom!

Let’s start by taking a quick look back at the story that was told in our reveal trailer only a few weeks ago:

In an age long, long ago, there existed a kingdom that basked in the shine of a golden sun. That was, until one fateful day, where the sunshine faded away. A sinister gloom descended upon the kingdom, sending the people into despair. The thick, swirling mire held onto the kingdom tight, and soon it began to feel as if there was no hope at all. That was until a group rose above the mist of despair, and shouted into the desperate air.

This Troupe of Heroes utilized their power of unity, bringing the denizens together to fight back against the gloom. As the sea of people began to flow, the gloom’s effects began to slow, and soon, the kingdom was basking in light once again. Just as the people sought to shower their saviors with praise, the Troupe of Heroes disappeared into the haze. This story was passed on through generations, with hope that far into the future, when the gloom returned to unleash its dread, the Troupe would rise and use their power of unity to save the kingdom once again.

This summer, the gloom has returned and is threatening the kingdom once again. It’s up to all of us, the new Troupe of Heroes, to fight back against the gloom and save the kingdom once and for all!

While overcoming the gloom may seem like a daunting and impossible task, we thankfully did not come ill-prepared. This summer, our donation incentive model, Abilities, allows your donations to NAMI to power-up the stream and increase our strength against the gloom! Without further ado, let’s dive into all of the details of our brand new donation incentive model!

“With the ability to combine at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless!”

This summer, several classic Nintendothon donation incentives are getting combined together with our brand new Fuse ability! These donation incentives put the power in your hands to shake up how punishments play out during the marathon!

The Fuse ability takes advantage of the Tiltify “Polls” system. When making a donation to the campaign, you can put it towards an option on a poll. Select which fusion you find more interesting and help it win out over the competition!

As an example, one classic Nintendothon incentive being fused this summer is Hot Sauce Shots. When contributing, you’ll be able to put the amount of your donation towards either making the incentive sour (by adding lemon juice), or sweet (by adding Kool-Aid Mix). The option with the most raised at the end of the poll is the winner!

The power of fusion is in your hands! What do you want to see?

Each fuse poll will only be up for a limited time, so be sure to get your donation in when you see them pop up!

We can’t wait to see what you decide to fuse together this summer at Nintendothon Kingdom!

“With the ability to randomize in your hands, our future is up to you!”

The classic “Spincentive” system from events’ past returns once again at Nintendothon Kingdom as the Ultrawheel ability!

For any donation of $10 or more to the campaign, you can activate the Ultrawheel, sending a spinner full of smaller-scale bonus incentives spinning around. Round and round, the Ultrawheel goes, where it stops, nobody knows!

Non-donors will also once again have an opportunity to activate the Ultrawheel! By actively watching Nintendothon Kingdom, you will gain a currency called Impact Points in the Twitch chat. These can be exchanged for a free activation of the Ultrawheel at any time!

With the power of Ultrawheel, our future is up to the whims of fate at Nintendothon Kingdom. We can’t wait to see what you spin up for us!

“Strengthen the Vow of the Troupe and reveal hidden unifying abilities!”

By reaching Milestones in our fundraising campaign, the Vow of the Troupe will strengthen, unlocking additional bonus incentives!

We are excited to offer the following milestone incentives this summer:

Vow of the Troupe
$750 Raised

Reaching this fundraising milestone reflects the blossoming commitment of the Troupe of Heroes to fight against the gloom. Victory is looking likely!

Dedicated Vow of the Troupe
$1,500 Raised

Reaching this fundraising milestone proves a dedicated commitment of the Troupe of Heroes to defeating the gloom. Victory is within reach!

Solemn Vow of the Troupe
$2,250 Raised

Reaching this fundraising milestone that surpasses the goal proves the solemn dedication of the Troupe of Heroes to save the kingdom. Victory is all but certain.
Chubby Bunny Challenge
Baby Food
Ice Bucket Challenge

Strengthen your vow to defeat the gloom by making a contribution to the campaign today! Every little bit helps us reach further toward our fundraising goals!

That’s all of the announcements we have prepared for you today! Be sure to stay tuned to the GFGC social pages and this blog for further updates about the event’s schedule, attendees, and more in the coming days!

Nintendothon Kingdom kicks off at 2:00PMCT on July 20th, 2023 over at the GFGC Twitch Page! We hope you’ll join us on our quest to defeat the gloom and save the kingdom!

Want to make an impact before the event even starts? Consider making a contribution to the No More Tears Campaign today! The minimum donation is $1 and 100% of your contribution will go straight to NAMI!

We’re so excited for Nintendothon Kingdom and we truly can’t wait to see you all there!

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