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Nintendothon Ultimate – Final Stretch!

Howdy ho global changers! As of today, we are officially ONE WEEK out from our upcoming charity marathon, Nintendothon Ultimate! We hope you’re as hyped as we are to livestream Nintendo games for six days straight to raise money for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders! As we approach the final stretch of our pre-marathon preparations, we’d like to make a few announcements to keep the hype going all the way until next Thursday. So without further ado, let’s get going!

Major Milestone Incentives Announced!

In case you missed it, we very recently announced Nintendothon Ultimate’s major milestone incentives over at our Twitter page!

This list of milestone incentives features many long-term GFGC marathon favorites, including jumping into pools at 6AM, drinking strange sodas, and doing some improv! All of these incentives are unlocked as we progress toward our goal of $1,500 raised for Doctors Without Borders, so let’s make them happen!

Scheduling the Schedule

Behind the scenes of Nintendothon Ultimate’s scheduling process!

Scheduling out the Nintendothon Ultimate event has been underway for a while now! We’re not ready to release the full schedule quite yet, but we’ve got a few announcements to make regarding how Nintendothon Ultimate will run!

Nintendothon Ultimate’s schedule will be broken up very similarly to marathons past. Games during the day (12PM-12AM) are designated as Primetime, and will run for a length of 4 hours. The Latenight returns as well, with games scheduled from 12AM-12PM running 2 hours in length to keep the action running all night long!

The full Nintendothon Ultimate schedule will be posted on July 16th, 2019, over at the Nintendothon webpage. Stay tuned to the GFGC Twitter for updates as to when the schedule gets published!

Nintendothon celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

On the afternoon of July 20th, 2019, Nintendothon Ultimate will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of humankind’s first steps on the moon! We’ll be trying some classic space related foods, like TANG, Moon Pies, & Astronaut Ice Cream, with gameplay of Nintendo’s flagship space-game, Super Mario Galaxy to top it all off. We hope you’ll join us for this short celebration of human progress in outer space on the Saturday of the marathon!

The Nintendothon Ultimate Finale

Based upon the feedback we received from the Nintendothon Legacy marathon, it was very clear that there was something everyone enjoyed- the Nintendothon New Year Bash. The New Year Bash was an hour-long break from the games, featuring interactive game shows, minigames, raffle prizes, and confetti… a whole lot of confetti…

This event was super fun to host, and from the feedback we received, it seems like it was super fun to watch as well! As a result, we wanted to bring back all the elements of the Bash to Nintendothon Ultimate, but without a New Year, when do we host it?

Replacing the Smash Bros. exhibition tournament of the last few marathons will be the Nintendothon Ultimate Finale event! The Finale will serve as the last event on our schedule and feature content from both the Bash and the conclusions of marathons past. Some of the awesome things we have planned already for the Nintendothon Ultimate Finale include:

  • The return of the Nintendothon Match Game
    • Match with the stars! A random viewer will be selected to play the Nintendothon Match Game, where you’ll be asked a question, and try to match your answer with as many of the participating attendees as possible. Each matched answer will result in funds donated to Doctors Without Borders!
  • The debut of the Nintendothon Money Mystery Game
    • Played similarly to the gameshow Deal or No Deal, a selected viewer will pick one of several envelopes, each containing a particular amount of money to be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Through successive rounds, the viewer will select one of the not-picked envelopes to open, and have the opportunity to switch their envelope choice. Following the conclusion of the game, the final envelope will be opened and the total inside will be donated to Doctors Without Borders!
  • More minigame challenges!
    • Lindsey will be returning with more “minute-to-win-it” style minigame challenges for the attendees!
  • Unlockable incentives / activities with donations!
    • Want to see more improv? How about some karaoke? Viewers can unlock even more activities for the finale by contributing to the charity campaign before and during the finale.
  • Attendee & Patron Awards, Recognizing Donors
    • A GFGC Marathon tradition, we’ll be recognizing our attendees and Patreon supporters with award certificates, and thanking all of the donors for their impact in global change!
  • …and even more raffle prizes!
    • Last winter, we raffled off several great prizes signed by attendees, and these will be returning for the Nintendothon Ultimate finale as well! Full details about raffle entries and prizes will be announced during the event.

While we don’t want Nintendothon Ultimate to end so soon, we hope you’re as excited as we are for this event celebrating the conclusion of the marathon!

The Ultimate Cast is here!

After months of anticipation, we’re finally excited to reveal the cast of event attendees for Nintendothon Ultimate, including two very special guests attending for the first time! So without further ado, the Nintendothon Ultimate attendees!

Event director Jared is excited to lead the crew of this fourth Nintendothon event! He’s super stoked to play some of his favorites, be subjected to donation incentives, and raise money for Doctors Without Borders!
Returning once again for his fourth Nintendothon event, the late-night mainstay Jake is excited to play some games and raise some money for a good cause!


Guess who’s back, back again? Tobi’s back! Tell your friends. Joining the Nintendothon Ultimate attendee crew once again for her fourth marathon, Tobi can’t wait to play her favorites and raise some money for worldwide medical aid!
Ethan is returning to Nintendothon Ultimate to engage in some more shenanigans? That’s fair! Ultimate will be his fourth Nintendothon event.
TWWEEET!! Lindsey can’t wait to share her humor, energy, and love for charity at her fourth Nintendothon event!
The technical wizard of GFGC is returning once again to Nintendothon! Ultimate will be her fourth Nintendothon event.


Our resident gaming expert, Duncan, is stoked to be returning once again to Nintendothon Ultimate! This will be his fourth Nintendothon event.
Hugging trees? Saying “I love bread” the entire day at Arabic camp? Just a day in the life of Britta! Fan-favorite Guest F is returning once again to her third Nintendothon event, and couldn’t be more excited!
Returning with another special “Crappy Hour” segment this marathon, Chrissy is hyped to be returning for her fourth Nintendothon event!
Cool dad is cracking at it again! While he’s waiting for the right time to drop his mixtape, he’ll be playing games for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders at Nintendothon Ultimate! This will be Abdul’s third Nintendothon event.


Crossing international borders just to attend, Cosmo is super stoked to be attending their first Nintendothon event! Be sure to say hello!


Making the trip across the U.S. to attend Nintendothon Ultimate is none other than Kim! Better known in the GFGC community as theuntamablek, be sure to welcome Kim to her first Nintendothon event!

Thanks to Nintendothon Ultimate’s Event Sponsors

We’d like to once again give a big thanks to Global Changer Patrons Dash and Arflic, and the rest of the event sponsors over on Patreon for your contributions toward this marathon event! The various technical and presentation upgrades between events would not be possible without your generous support, so thank you once again!

Nintendothon Ultimate will kickoff next Thursday, July 18th, 2019 at 4:00PMCT, at both the Tiltify campaign page, and our Twitch page. Interested in supporting the cause before the event? Share it on social media using both #Nintendothon and #UltimateSummer, and consider making a donation to the campaign. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Doctors Without Borders!

Less than a week everyone! Let’s keep the hype going until this ultimate event!

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