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Super Nintendothon – Less Than A Week Away!

Hey all, it’s almost time! We’re officially less than one week away from the largest event GFGC has ever put on, Super Nintendothon! To get you all as super excited as we already are, we figured we would make some more announcements about the stream to commemorate it going live so soon! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Donation Polls

Want to shape the marathon experience for all to what you want? We now have a feature for you: premiering at Super Nintendothon is the Donation Poll! Donation polls offer you a chance to change a course of the event, provided that of course, your option ends up having a higher total than the other option(s)!

An example of a Donation Poll for an “All Attendees Nails Painted” incentive. When you donate toward the poll, you get to select your favorite option, and an amount to contribute!

We’ll have donation polls popping up all throughout the event, and whether they’re for selecting which attendees to subject to an incentive, choosing filenames for game playthroughs, or selecting a color of nail polish, we hope you find them fun to engage with!

Super Nintendothon Start Time Adjustment

We regret to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances, Super Nintendothon’s start will be delayed by one hour on July 19th to instead begin at 5:00PMCT. This means that the first game in our schedule will run for only three hours, ending at 8:00PMCT to shift our schedule back into its intended flow. This delayed start doesn’t mean we wont reach our 144-hour event length however! The stream will be extended later into the evening on July 25th to compensate! We apologize for this adjustment to our event’s start time, and hope that our extended hours at the end of the event are a sufficient solution.

Scheduling, Scheduling, Scheduling!

The supertask of scheduling for our six day event has officially begun! We are excited to announce that more than 50 unique first party Nintendo games will be played throughout the course of Super Nintendothon, with games lasting between two hours and six hours in length, as announced last week. The final schedule for Super Nintendothon is set to be released on July 18th, 2018, so keep an eye out for it on our Twitter, and campaign page!

Nintendothon Webpage

Want a place to catch and share all Super Nintendothon and all future Nintendothon happenings? We’re excited to present the brand-new Nintendothon webpage!

On this site, exclusive for our Nintendothon marathon events, you’ll find a countdown timer, our event schedule, list of attendees and much more! What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

Event Attendees

It’s finally that time, everybody! I am excited to finally and officially present: the attendees of Super Nintendothon!


Who’s returning with their love of Animal Crossing and amazing humor alike for the sixteenth time to a GFGC marathon event? Why, it’s Tobi of course, and they’re super excited to be joining us at Super Nintendothon!


The ultimate trend-setter and one-line generator Ethan will be joining us for his fourth GFGC marathon event at Super Nintendothon!


Joining GFGC for his sixteenth marathon, Jake is excited to share his love for games like Super Mario Galaxy and Pikmin with you all once again!


Grandma Lindsey is coming back with more super stories to tell at Super Nintendothon! This will be her fourteenth appearance at a GFGC event.


Flying in from The Netherlands to return to her second GFGC event, Ka is super excited to be reintroduced to old friends and meet new ones as well!


The two-time Super Smash Bros. winner is returning to Super Nintendothon for more charity fun! This will be Duncan’s fifth marathon with GFGC.


The tree-hugging Guest F will be returning to Super Nintendothon for her second marathon! Be sure to say hello to Britta as we fundraise for Direct Relief!


Where’s my money? Going to Direct Relief, that’s where! The funny guy known by Bofis will be popping in from time to time during Super Nintendothon, and is excited to be joining us for his fourth event.


Bringing back her signature laugh, flash incentive ideas and gameplay to our six-day event is Chrissy! Super Nintendothon will be her second event with GFGC.


The ever-helpful Player Two is making his return to Super Nintendothon! This will be his second event with GFGC.


How do you get Abdul to return to his second GFGC event? Just ask politely! We’re thankful he has allowed us to steal some of his time to attend Super Nintendothon!


Bringing back her passions for all things Zelda and tech, Leyla is excited to be returning to her eighth GFGC event in Super Nintendothon!
I am also super stoked to be joining this awesome cast of attendees for my sixteenth event! Let’s support Direct Relief and make this event super!

Thanks To Super Nintendothon’s Patreon Supporters

I’d like to once again thank community member Dash for supporting the production of Super Nintendothon at a Global Changer level, as well as the rest of the supporters for making this event possible! So many of the new things premiering at this year’s event wouldn’t have been possible without your contributions!

Donate to the Summer of Relief Campaign for the benefit of Direct Relief today

We’ve already raised a record-breaking $145.05 for the benefit of Direct Relief (the most ever raised before the campaign’s marathon event) and want to see that record continue to climb! Donate to the campaign today! 100% of your donation does to Direct Relief, and the minimum donation is $1! Anything you can give helps in Direct Relief’s work to provide medical aid direct to areas in need.

Super Nintendothon premieres Thursday July 19th, 2018 at 5:00PMCT only on Twitch and Tiltify! We hope to see you all there as we play Nintendo for six days for the benefit of Direct Relief!

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