Welcome to Gaming For Global Change.

We are a not-for-profit community that hosts and operates charity gaming livestreams such as Nintendothon, GFGC Marathon, and more. We’re on a mission to create positive global change in the world, and we need your help.


Gaming For Global Change

About Us

GFGC has a focus entirely upon building a community of streamers passionate about gaming and raising money for charity, to not only show that adolescents and young-adults can have an impact in the world, but to also inspire and empower others to “game for global change“ as well.


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Whenever GFGC hosts a charity fundraiser, it is done through a fundraiser webpage on the charity’s site. This means you can be 100% certain that your gracious and appreciated donations during our campaigns will go directly to people or areas of need that the charities work with.


GFGC organizes charity gaming livestreams several days in length called marathons. Whether it’s 24 hours or 120 hours, we seek to raise funds and awareness for charity and provide gaming entertainment in the process. Interested in hosting a fundraiser with us? Contact us here.


Our closeknit community is full of likeminded and altruistic gamers who want to positively make a change through marathons and other gaming events. We host many different events during the year for our community to greater connect. Learn more about how to get involved in our fantastic community by clicking here.


See what we've been up to and how you can get involved

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Nintendothon Legends – A Legendary Event!

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It’s time once again for us to kickoff our summer season of excitement! We hope that you’ll join us for our...

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