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Nintendothon Legends – The Prophecy Comes True

The time is finally right and the people are ready to unite! The date the prophecy foretold is fast approaching!

Legends become reality just one week from today! While we shared a lot of things with you about Nintendothon Legends in our blog post last week (which you should totally check out if you haven’t!), there’s still a lot to share! So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Train hard and you can collect them all!

At our last few Nintendothon events, we’ve continued a special initiative to highlight every single donation, regardless of size, to emphasize how much we appreciated those who contribute to our campaigns. Born from this initiative have been Leaflets, Stamps and Stars, donor recognition systems that put your names on the wall behind us throughout the event as thanks. We’ve continued to hear your positive feedback about this model and we’re excited to bring it back yet again this marathon!

For every individual donation, regardless of size, to the Legendary Summer Campaign during Nintendothon Legends, your name will be written on a circular sticky note and placed on the wall behind the gameplay couch, where it will stay for the rest of the marathon! As there are five different days at Nintendothon Legends, there are five different colored badges for you to get your name on! Complete your badge collection and become a master trainer by donating each day of the event!

Be sure to follow GFGC over on Twitter if you haven’t already, because we’ll be posting close-up images of the badge collection each day of the event! We hope you’re looking forward to Badges and collecting them all at Nintendothon Legends!

Stay tuned, there’s a lot of excitement soon to come!

We’re excited to announce that the full schedule for Nintendothon Legends is now complete! You can find the completed schedule over on the Nintendothon website, go check it out now! We will also soon be integrating the schedule into the Tiltify fundraiser page, so you’ll be able to see when segments are happening in your time zone without needing to convert manually.

A sneak peek into Friday’s schedule at Nintendothon Legends!

We hope you’re looking forward to all of our scheduled fun at Nintendothon Legends this summer!

These legendary trainers are ready to unite and help make the world a better place for all!

Nintendothon truly would not be possible without its fantastic crew of event attendees. These hard-working, dedicated people have put offered their time, energy, and heart into making this summer’s Nintendothon nothing short of legendary!

Nintendothon Legends is set to feature 14 attendees, the most at any event in GFGC history, including four attendees flying in from across the world to participate! Our crew is ready and eager to get going on their adventure this summer, so without further ado, the attendees of Nintendothon Legends!

Event Director Jared is ready to make this summer legendary at his ninth Nintendothon! He’s can’t wait to play through some of his favorite games such as Super Mario Odyssey and even return to overnight shifts for the first time in years! He truly can’t wait for Nintendothon to start and hopes to see you all there!

A wild Lindsey has appeared! She can’t wait to join our attendee cast this summer for her ninth Nintendothon event and play one of our new game offerings this summer, Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

Huzzah! The legendary Ethan is returning this summer for his ninth Nintendothon event! Be sure to join Ethan for several of our overnight segments at Nintendothon Legends, where they’re looking forward to games like Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, and Metroid Dread!

The champion is back in action! We’re so excited to welcome back our multi-event MVP Red for their third Nintendothon event this summer! Be sure to join Red as she plays through some of her favorite games at Nintendothon Legends including Breath of the Wild and New Pokémon Snap!

They’re back! Joining our legendary Nintendothon cast for the third time is Kira! They can’t wait to jump into this summer’s event and are looking forward to playing Breath of the Wild the most! Be sure to pop in and say hi to Kira at Nintendothon!

Chrissy is blasting off once again! Returning for her seventh Nintendothon event, she is most looking forward to spending time with other attendees and members of our chat this summer! Be sure to give Chrissy a big hello at Nintendothon Legends!

Returning back to Nintendothon once again this summer is one of our OG event attendees, Jake! Be sure to give Jake a warm welcome on Friday night as he helps play through Kirby and the Forgotten Land! Nintendothon Legends will be his seventh Nintendothon event.

Adam’s ready to help make this summer even more legendary! Be sure to give Adam a big hello when he joins in for some Kirby fun on Friday night! Nintendothon Legends will be his third Nintendothon event.

After last attending a Nintendothon event back in 2019, our friend Jace is truly excited to be returning for charity and vibes once again this summer! Be sure to join Jace for plenty of games and fun all throughout Nintendothon Legends this summer!

Also making their long-awaited return to Nintendothon is none-other than Cosmo! They can’t wait to leap back into the Nintendothon experience and are looking forward to “absolutely destroying Cave at Clubhouse Games darts” the most! Be sure to give Cosmo a big hello at their second Nintendothon event this summer!

Newcomer Bishop is ready to battle! Joining us for his first marathon, Bishop truly cannot wait to dive into the Nintendothon experience with all of you this summer! You can catch Bishop broadcasting during some overnight segments at Nintendothon Legends. You wont want to miss them!

A legendary Cave appears! Better known by his GFGC alias Cavedog962, Cave is so excited to be joining us for his first Nintendothon event! He’s most looking forward to playing Cosmo’s favorite Pokémon game on stream for the first time (chaos is sure to ensue!). Give Cave a big hello at Nintendothon Legends!

I wouldn’t feed that smoothie to your Pokémon if I were you! We’re so excited to welcome the ever-entertaining Tori to her first Nintendothon event this summer! She’s looking forward to playing through Pokémon games at Nintendothon Legends the most! Stop by and give Tori a warm welcome to the Nintendothon event!

Let that Great Ball soar, because Jonathan has appeared! Better known by his GFGC alias Arflic, Jonathan can’t wait for his first Nintendothon experience this summer, looking forward to playing through Super Mario Odyssey the most! Be sure to give Jonathan some love at Nintendothon Legends!

That’s all we’ve got! We hope you’re as excited as we are for legends to become reality next week at Nintendothon Legends!

Nintendothon Legends kicks off at 2:00PMCT on July 21st, 2022 over at the GFGC Twitch Page! We hope you’ll join us for a legendary summer! Want to make an impact before the stream even starts? Consider a donation to the Legendary Summer campaign today! The minimum donation is $1, and 100% of your donation will go straight to Direct Relief! We truly can’t wait to see you all at Nintendothon next week!

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