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  • Changes to Community Night
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    Changes to Community Night

    Hey everyone! When GFGC Community Night began back in August 2016, it was originally intended as an activity to encourage engagement, and recruit new people to our ever-growing community. As Community Night has evolved over the last year and a half, we have noticed that original intention slowly disappear, and the streams not putting our…

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  • GFGC Winter Is Curing and Nintendothon – Wrap-Up

    With the GFGC Winter Is Curing Campaign now two weeks behind us, I thought it would be a great time to look back on the fundraiser campaign we hosted for the benefit of St. Jude, and celebrate the accomplishments and great strides made in the fight against childhood cancer. On the morning on December 27th,…

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  • Nintendothon – 1 Week Away!

    Can you believe it? Nintendothon, our 96 hour charity event for the benefit of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital begins in just seven days from today! We know its hard to contain the excitement (as it is for us here at the marathon team too), but we hope to keep you all hyped over the…

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  • Nintendothon – 3 Weeks Away

    Nintendothon – 3 Weeks Away

    Hey everyone, I’m sure you share the disbelief that we’re so close, but yes, we only have 3 WEEKS to go until Nintendothon goes live! I figured that now would be a great time to tell you more about all of the awesome things we have planned for the 96 hour charity event, so without…

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  • GFGC Winter is Curing Campaign

    GFGC Winter is Curing Campaign

    Welcome to our 2017-18 year global changers! We kicked off our new year this last weekend at our GFGC Wrap-Up 2017 event, and made some exciting announcements in addition to celebrating the occasion. Before we get into more details about our upcoming events, I’d like to first recognize the fantastic community members who received honors…

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  • Gaming for Global Change Wrap-Up 2017

    GFGC, our 2016-17 year of impact is officially coming to a close! This year has been fantastic for us, allowing us to expand upon the things that made GFGC great and successful in 2015-16, and introduce new things as well. I want to quickly reflect on all of our accomplishments this year: $925 cumulatively raised…

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  • GFGC Summer of Water & Wiitendothon – Wrap Up

      Hey GFGC! It’s officially fall, arguably one of my favorite times of the year. The time that the leaves have started to fall from the trees, and the time for us to look back on our recent seasonal impact campaign, the GFGC Summer of Water.   It doesn’t seem like it, but the GFGC…

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  • Wiitendothon – Official Schedule

    Wiitendothon is a scheduled event, with all 60+ games having a designated time and a select few attendees to play them! Each block of time is two hours long, and as mentioned in this blog post, blue text refers to a “Primetime” game, and gray text refers to a “Latenight” game. All start times are…

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  • Wiitendothon – One Week Away!

    Wiitendothon – One Week Away!

      Hey hey everyone! We are officially ONE WEEK TO WIITENDOTHON! I know, I know, it’s really hard to hold your excitement, (trust us, it is for us too), but we’ve got a whole line-up of announcements this week to keep your hype going all the way until 4PMCT on the 20th of July! In…

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  • Wiitendothon – Wii Play, U Change The World!

    Wiitendothon – Wii Play, U Change The World!

    We are only 18 days (yes, only 18!!) out from the premiere of our newest charity marathon, Wiitendothon, a 120 Hour  livestream of 60 Wii, Wii U and Virtual Console games. Since we’re so close to the event, we figured we’d make our first blog post on our new website to help share some new…

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